fredag 20 november 2009

Back At It Again!

Sorry for the long wait! Now I'm back after falling of the bloggin' thing! I've been really busy and actually just has'nt been feeling like bloggin'. I've been in a really big producers block recently, and I'm just slightly gettin' out of it by now. Hopefully I will get back to producing full time again soon. My Myspace is updated with some snippets and stuff, and i got some projects in the making. Mostly been working with the two rappers Americol and P.J. but I've also started a new beat-tape project called "Travel Through Space: A Journey Through Beats". But mainly just check my new beat-snips on myspace and stay updated! I will try to post more frequently!


torsdag 20 augusti 2009

Random Thoughts

Waddup Fam! i'm just sitting and thinkin' right now. Just dropped Green Music vol.2 and i got some great response on it, allready over 200 downloads and it has only been available for 48 hours! (That's alot of downloads for me). Well i'm just thinking about getting started with volume 3 allready, lol.. I want to use my microKORG.. I actually have'nt used it in one single beats since i got it.. But i want to make some funky shitt with it, hopefully for Green Music vol.2.
But i'm going to start working on it. As always, stay updated!

tisdag 18 augusti 2009

Green Music vol.2 OUT NOW!

Waddup Evrybody i'm finally done with the second installment of my beat tape series "Green Music". It's 13 track long and really smooth to listen to! Download it now and tell me what you think!

torsdag 13 augusti 2009


First off, this is the first post in all of august.. Daym.. Well i've been busy, reaaally busy, been in the lab cookin' up beats as a mad man, lol! I'm very very close to finnishing my Green Music Vol.2, i have to say it's hella dope!
But the reason for the post is that i just had a swedish MC by the name of Narkemic, to rap over one of my beats (intentionally for my beat tape, well well) and i just got the wav.'s over yesterday to mix it. And god damn i'm so satisfied by the way it turned out! I'm just going to master the track and then i will post it for you all to hear! It's DOPE!
I'll try to update the blog more often but i can't promise anything right now, as i am a busy man. And there's a festival here in my city that's comming up wich me and 92 Crew will perform at. So if you live in Sweden, Skåne and you're atending at Malmö Festivalen, then stop by Gustav Adolfs Torg around 6-7 pm, 19th August to see us perform!

fredag 31 juli 2009

Busy busy busy!

Hi everybody, sorry i have'nt posted in a while but i've been very busy! I'm trying to finnish up the "Green Music Vol.2" tape, and been making beats in general. I've just got contact with a new artist whos gonna get on one of my beats, he's really good. His name's Narkemic and he's from Örebro in Sweden, unfortunatly he raps in swedish so evrybody will not be able to understand his great lyrics. He's a wordplayer. Well as soon as the song is done i'll post it up!

I got some posts to do that will make you worth your while soon..

Peace! Stay Updated!

måndag 27 juli 2009

Album Of The Week 2

How is everybody? Well i'm back again with a new "Album Of The Week". This week i'm going to introduce (some of..) you to one of my favorite producers of all time... DJ Jazzy Jeff! Most of you probably know him as Jazz from "Fresh Prince in Bel Air", but he's actually a DJ/Producer. He produced almost all the beats for Fresh Prince (F you if you did'nt know Will was a rapper...).

Well Jeff really hit big with his magnificent album.. Well "The Magnificent" (damn i'm so funny..). Yeah.. The album is a typical producer album, you know the producer makes the beats and then he gets rappers to spit on it. Well i just think he did an amazing job on this classic album (If you may say). The beats is just so breath taking, the way this guy chop samples is indescribable! And the MC's on the album actually did it VERY well! Normally on producer albums i don't think the rap's on the highest level (ABSOLUTELY not always!)

So if you're a sucker for smooth melodic beats (some hard-knocking) and you like real rap, this is the album you should check out this week!

DJ Jazzy Jeff - The Magnificent


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